KAGANHOTEL Co-living PLAN for artists and creatives

(▶︎Japanese ver.)

KAGANHOTEL is a co-living space for creative and young artists to live and work.

Creatives can now apply for our residency plan including a single room and a studio. If you would like to come to see the place in person or get to know more details you can reach out to us by the application form below.

All creatives are welcomed!
We are welcome all the young creatives including Artists / Curators / Musicians / Designers /Fashion Designers / Cooks / Dancers / Producers to grow our community here.


    Which is the most suitable plan for you, No-selection or  Selection plan?



    ① Stay for 6 to 20 days:Please book weekly plan from here.

    ② Stay for 21 days or more:Please book monthly plan from here.

    ③Reserve the room with the atelier as a set : Please book atelier plan from here.


    • hostel room on 4th floor
    • Shared small Kitchen space
    • 3 shared shower rooms
    • 2 shared toilets
    • Free access to Wifi / Coffee maker / IH heater / Pan / Hot water / Fridge /Air-conditioning


    • A studio space 5㎡ (Height .2.7m/  Wall 3m+2m)
    • 1,650yen / day




    ① Access to your personal studio space for 24 hours
    Our studios are located at the Basement floor, each resident has their own studio space, where you could work and create. The floor of  the studio space is simple and spacious, you can move your artworks in and out easily.


    Sharing and experiencing with Creative peers
    We offer living and working space for creatives from all over the world including short-term residency from 1 week to 2 years. There are also art-loving travelers that come and go often.Since a lot of collaborations are happening here, KAGANHOTEL is not just a place to live but also a place to meet opportunities and people.

    ③ Present your works in KAGAN’s premier hotel rooms.
    On our 5th floor, there are 5 premier rooms where artists could showcase and present their artworks to the guest. By providing a connection through the arts, we hope we can stimulate the communication between artists and art-loving guests.



    ④KAGANHOTEL 1st Floor Gallery Space and Event 
    KAGANHOTEL’s 1st floor is a spacious space that has been used as gallery and event venue. The resident members can use it for their exhibition or any event. We have ever held youtube live stream art shows and live music events before.

    Past events:



    KAGANHOTEL 1st Floor Gallery Space and Event 
    KAGANHOTEL is located at the center part of Kyoto.

    –  just 5 mins walk from JR Umekoji-Kyoto West Station
    –  10 mins walk from JR Tanbaguchi Station
    – reach the city center in just 15 mins by bike
    – 10 mins to DIY store by bike
    – convenient for shipping your artworks because Kuronekoyamato’s counter  (delivery company) is in front of our hotel.